5 Times US Chess Champion Hikaru Joins TSM

Hikaru Nakamura is an American Chess player. TSM a famous esports organization recently signed him to the org as a content creator and competitor.

Hikaru Nakamura is a famous name in the chess world. He was the youngest American ever to win the title of Chess Grandmaster. Nakamura is a five-times US chess champion. He is considered a prodigy among the chess community.

Recently he blew up on Twitch by playing chess online and streaming it. Nakamura is well known in the chess community for playing chess online. Previously chess was a thing that people play by themselves or for a competition. Nakamura was the one to make chess popular as a stream. Usually, His chess streams have thousands of viewers.

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He brought the Twitch community’s attention towards chess and also helped to establish other chess streamers to his level. He recently hosted a chess event where all the participants were Twitch streamers. The tournament got a massive amount of viewers.

Hikaru Joins TSM

Recently TSM posted on their twitter about Hikaru joining their organization as a content creator and competitor. With the addition of Hikaru, TSM is the first esports organization to sign a chess player.

Hopefully, after such a good move from TSM other esports organizations will also start to notice the popularity of chess. Moreover, they mike also make full chess rosters in the future.

There is no doubt that this will bring more attention to the 2000-year old game that is chess. Moreover, Hikaru will be able to increase the popularity of chess even more with the help of TSM.

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