5 Most Annoying Champions to Play Against in League of Legends 2022

League of Legends has plenty of champions that can be super annoying to play against.

Currently, League of Legends has 159 champions, with the latest one being Renata Glasc. Most of the newer champions have overloaded kits and can be very frustrating to play against if they get ahead, forcing Riot to hotfix or nerf the new champions right after release.

The bright side is that these newer champions are not that easy to play. So you can outplay them if you play better with your main champions.

The most annoying champions, in my opinion, are the ones that are very easy to play and have little counterplay to their kit.

Some champions can be very annoying in the lower ranks, but players with higher game knowledge and skill level can beat them easily. Master Yi is a perfect example of this. In low elo, Master Yi can wreak havoc, and nobody can stop him. But he doesn’t shine at a higher level as people know how to save up their cc for Yi or counter him in the early game when he is weak.

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Here are 5 Most Annoying Champions in League of Legends:

5. Teemo

An article about the most annoying champions to play against will not be complete if we don’t mention Teemo. He is super annoying to play against, and there is a reason people compare him to Satan.

As a ranged top laner, Teemo counters most of the melee champions. Many beginner-friendly top laner such as Darius or Garen get heavily countered by Teemo.

Little Devil Teemo
Little Devil Teemo, Image Source: Riot Games

A good Teemo will harass you every time you try to kill a minion. And if you try to trade with him, he will just blind you with his Q that can last for 2.25 seconds at max level. Then, at mid to late game, his ‘Shrooms’ can take away half of the HP of your carries.

As you are dying to Teemo, you will realize that even his laugh is annoying.

4. Singed

Another champion with an annoying laugh is Singed. Most Singed players play differently than normal. Usually, they will go between your towers and ‘proxy’ farm. This is annoying to deal with as you get quite low, killing the minions at the early levels.

You may think you can kill him between your turrets, but that’s what he wants you to think. If you get close to him, he will fling you back, turn on the poison trail and just keep running. Trying to chase him will only make you realize why they say ‘never chase a Singed.’ His poison DoT (Damage over Time) effect can be very deadly.

Beekeeper Singed, Image Source: Riot Games

3. Yasuo

Yasuo can dash through minions & dodge all of your skill shots or use ‘Wind wall’ to block them outright. He scales well into the late game and deals way too much damage. Also, the constant ‘Level 7’ emote makes Yasuo and Yasuo players one the most annoying things in League of Legends.

Spirit Blossom Yasuo, Image Source: Riot Games

If Yasuo is on your team, you are in even more trouble, as you certainly know they will go 0/10 in the lane. So there’s no winning with Yasuo.

2. Heimerdinger

Another annoying champion to play against is the Donger. His turrets give him great zone controls. If you fight him inside his turrets, it will most likely not end well for you. Even if your jungler comes to gank, a Heimerdinger can win 2v1 easily if he hits his abilities. If you still manage to kill him, his turrets will keep shooting you for some time and can kill you if you are low.

Hazmat Heimerdinger, Image Source: Riot Games

1. Zilean

The above four champions may be annoying to play against, but you can still shut them down if you kill them over and over. And killing those champions brings a different kind of joy. But if you focus a Zilean in the early game and kill him a lot, you still can’t stop him from doing what he does.

Zilean’s job is to speed up his carries, and his ultimate ability can revive them. Zilean doesn’t need gold or kills to do that. So your best bet is to end the game quickly before their carries become too strong and unkillable because of Zilean.

Sugar Rush Zilean, Image Source: Riot Games.

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