5 Best Perks to Unlock in Weird West

Cannot determine the best perks to unlock first in Weird West? Well, what am I even here for? Scroll down already!

Despite being an Indie RPG game, we all have the idea about the Perks, whether it is Weird West or Assassins Creed. Perks provide an ample number of advantages to advance in the game with the playable characters in Weird West. We have seen and observed the perks for ourselves and definitely can say that we do not waste time on the lower-grade ones.

The news of the happy hour is that there are no slot limitations for the perks. Acquire and upgrade them in a strategic manner, and of course, watch out for the low-grade perks. The perks that I will discuss today are recommended for the veterans to the freshers. Without any further delay, let’s jump into the 5 best perks already.


This perk comes with the highest potential for increased damage to foes that are unaware of their surroundings. And if you can couple up this one with Sentry Silencer, without any exceptions, this is a must perk to get picked early in the game for sure. By upgrading this perk to tier 3, you will be getting a full 100% more damage. Along with the Sentry Silencer, the damage will be up high as 200%.

Moreover, the Sentry Silencer lives by its name to silence your shots. These two perks will give you a raw advantage to take down a strong foe.

Bullet Dodger

This one increases your fire rate while you leap a dodge. Sounds a bit confusing, no? Well, you will have a pretty good idea after seeing the impact it makes. Take it like this; you are firing at a squad with your usual fire rate. With this perk, while you leap a dodge in slow motion, the rate will be still the same despite the highly increased rate. I would suggest seeing it for yourself with a rifle at first.

It will seem cool while you jump in the air and carefully pick your shots. Keep in mind that the time runs out pretty quickly. So, plan your moves beforehand to prepare for a Max Payne-style attack.

Posse Leader

What is a leader without the leads? Posse Leader perk takes care of your homeboys that, in fact, really smooths out the in-combats with increased damage and health. Rather than focusing on a single member, this perk counts the whole pack as an overall. As we have already seen from combats, how little durability the mates have. But once you reach tier 3 of Posse Leader with your leads, they will be able to deal 80% more damage than usual with having 80% more health in the pocket.

Another advantage will be that even after the perk is activated, the mates in your pack will be using their own thinking capability to move toward a logical decision smartly. So, if you are having this kind of mates from the beginning, think about what the activated perk could unleash.

Quick Stealth

Feeling a sudden urge to be an assassin? Or, just to see a show from the shadows? With this perk activated, remind the foes that you do not hide in the shadows; instead, you are the shadow. It also increases your crouch speed along with reducing the detection meter. As this goes on, you will have a significant advantage when you can sneak past the guys on patrolling duty. I would suggest going for a silent takedown as well.

Even though we have already noticed the sensing level of the patrolling guys, Quick Stealth will be sure to cover you up. Just make a plan ahead of using this perk. The bushes will do the rest.


The more you explore the Weird West, the more it gets obvious that the locked cages will be here and there. They come with a disadvantage as the loots in it depend totally on your luck. In fact, finding the keys are another hassle as you have to search the guards on duty that are around the cage area. What if you had the perk to pick the locks?

There comes another disappointment. No matter how many lockpicks you use for the locked cages, you still can save only a single piece. Other than this, this perk is a choice to think about for the early gamers.

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