36 Month ban issued to VCT match-fixers from Singapore

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Image via Riot

With the reports of a Singaporean VCT team allegedly claimed to have participated in match-fixing, Riot has finally made a statement towards their punishment after investigations.

Earlier in April of this year, a Singaporean player was allegedly found match-fixing in the VALORANT Ignition series. Malcolm “Germsg” Chung in the match of Blackbird Ignus vs Resurgence match was found to have participated in match-fixing. A player by the Twitter handle “calel” tweeted along with proof that Germsg had placed a bet of ~$3000 USD for his team to lose 0-2 which netted him wins of over $7000 USD from that bet alone. No one knows how many such bets were placed.

It was also later found out that he had an accomplice, Ryan “Dreamycsgo” Tan. This was a joint effort with Germsg coming up with the plan and Dreamy providing the huge monetary amounts.


Riot has conducted an investigation regarding the matter which concluded in this statement from them: “Following an ongoing investigation into the Resurgence versus BlackBird Ignus match during the VALORANT Ignition Series in September 2020, VALORANT Esports has ruled that Malcolm “Germsg” Chung and Ryan “Dreamycsgo” Tan have violated Rule 7.2.1 and 7.2.4 of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy for manipulating the outcome of a competitive VALORANT match for monetary gain. They will be banned from VCT for 36 months.”

The rest of his team will receive penalties as well depending on their level of affiliation with the incident as well as their co-operation with the investigation.

You can find the link to the full Riot statement Here.

This problem has plagued the CS:GO scene for a long time as well but it is good to see Riot is taking strict actions like these. Their action will help to further reduce initiatives of foul play from germs in the community like Germsg.

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