2K working on Borderlands, XCOM like Marvel game

E3 leak reveals 2K working on big games like a Borderlands spinoff and an XCOM style Marvel game.

E3 is near and we will be seeing loads of new games. With that comes loads of leaks and rumors. Likewise, a Reddit leak implies that 2K is working on a number of games. Additionally, some of them will get revealed at E3 2021.

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These leaks include a Borderlands game, and an XCOM style Marvel game. Gearbox confirmed in the past that a new Borderlands game was in the works. While people thought it would be a Borderlands 4. Leaks and reputable sources suggest that the title will be a spinoff.

The other leaks include NBA 2K22 and a supernatural sci-fi game. Right now called Project Volt. This new title is said to be a combination of Saints Row and Cthulhu.

Reddit user u/swine_flu_gang leaked the news of 2K working on a new Borderlands and Marvel game. Meanwhile, Jeff Grubb and Jason Schreier backed it up. Hence, expect at least some of the games to show up at E3.

Gearbox’s E3 presentation will be live on, June 12. On the other hand, its parent company, Take-Two schedule is on June 14th. Hence, we have about a week to see which of these will we see at E3. Out of everything the XCOM style Marvel game sounds the most unique. A strategy game with all the favorite Marvel superheroes sounds wonderful.

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