2B from Nier Automata is Coming to Fall Guys as a Skin

A Fall Guys x Nier Automata collaboration is happening.

Fall Guys is a platform battle royale game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolved Digital. The game made a lot of heads turn upon its initial release. At that time a lot of streamers started playing the game and soon it made the Twitch top list. The game quickly became popular because of its quirky mechanics, fun gameplay, and funny characters.

Currently, the game has fallen from its position at the top and has a little more than 6,000 concurrent players on steam. This number is a little low considering at one time there used to be more than 120k+ concurrent players on Steam.

Nonetheless, Fall Guys is bringing out new content in the form of a free Battle Pass and occasional collaborations with other games and franchises. Such a collaboration was recently announced and it’s with Nier Automata. A collaboration between Fall Guys and Nier Automata is going to take place soon.

2B from Nier Automata is getting a skin in Fall Guys as part of this collaboration. Continue reading below for more information about this collaboration and the skin’s release date.

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2B Skin in Fall Guys:

Fall Guys’ official Twitter account recently posted about the Fall Guys x Nier Automata Collab. They also released a trailer to go along with the announcement. According to the Tweet, The 2B skin is coming to Fall Guys on 18 June 2021.

The skin will probably be priced similarly to previous collaboration skins. Which means the headpiece and the body will each be obtainable for 5 Crowns(Currency acquired by Winning in Fall Guys) each. So a total of 10 Crowns is required to fully obtain the 2B skin in Fall Guys.

There are still some days left before the 2B skin comes so if you want the skin then start getting wins and keep holding onto those crowns.

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