2020 LCS Summer Split kicks off June 13

2020 LCS Summer Split is set to start from Saturday, June 13 with Academy returning on Friday, June 12, Riot Games announced.

2020 LCS Spring split was roller coster ride for the LCS fans and a split to remember as well. It was canceled entirely due to the concern of the COVID-19, then returned to be played entirely online for the first time ever. We also witnessed Cloud9’s historical dominant run to crown champion as well.

As the this year’s MSI is canceled, Riot Games is starting the Summer Split from Saturday, June 13 and Academy is also returning on Friday, June 12.

The split is kicking off with the match between Cloud9 and FlyQuest the two finalists of 2020 LCS Spring split. The matches will start with a new time of 1:00 PM PT for the Saturday and Sunday games. There will be 4 games on both Saturday and Sunday, where on Monday night there will be 2 LCS games starting at 5:00 PM PT.

It is still uncertain whether the matches will be played on the LCS Studios or to be played online like the Spring split. Regarding this Riot Games said:

“We’ll continue to follow the local and state guidelines around COVID-19 to determine when it’s safe to return to the LCS Studios. If we’re unable to return to the LCS Studios for the start of the LCS Summer Split, we’ll continue to have the games take place online.”

With some exciting roster changes already, we can surely expect the 2020 LCS Summer Split will be another split to remember.


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