100T Valkyrae is the Fastest-Growing Live-Streamer in The World

Youtube Streamer 100T Valkyrae is the fastest-growing Live-Streamer in the entire world right now. She is also the biggest female gaming streamer.

Rachell Hofstetter or more commonly known online as Valkyrae is a famous American streamer. While attending community college she worked at GameStop and later opened a gaming Instagram page. After seeing her gaming content some of her followers suggested her to start streaming. She quickly became popular as a streamer on the streaming platform Twitch.

She mostly used to stream Fortnite during her Twitch days. Since then she has transitioned to streaming on YouTube. She used to average around 1k viewers on YouTube at the beginning. She also joined the esports organization, 100 Thieves, at that time. Then a very simple indie game called Among Us got popular on the internet. At the same time, Valkyrae started streaming Among Us with friends on her YouTube channel.

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Valkyrae’s Rapid Growth:

With the popularity of Among Us, people flocked over to see streams of the game. Her Hillarious Among Us streams quickly started gaining popularity and her rapid growth started. Valkyrae shared her YouTube analytics on her Twitter page.

In the analytics graph, we can see her averaging around 1000 viewers during January and February. But now she has an average viewer count of 31,000. The rate of her stream’s growth is extraordinary.

According to Valkyrae, her growth was possible thanks to Among Us, Streaming with friends, YouTube, and 100Thieves.

Credit: Valkyrae’s twitter

She is now the fastest-growing live streamer in the world and the biggest female gaming streamer. Her brand is even bigger than streamers like Pokimane, Loserfruit, and Kittyplays.

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