100T Nadeshot shares his concern about the SBMM in Black Ops: Cold War

CEO of 100T Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag believes Skill-Based Matchmaking is not the future for Call of Duty titles.

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Skill-Based Matchmaking has been a headache for casual Call of Duty players for a long time. Recently released Black Ops: Cold War supported SBMM during the Alpha stage of the game. Beta participants absolutely hated the presence of SBMM in the game. Black Ops: Cold War’s initial beta deployment received mixed reactions from players.

Earlier on Twitter, Nadeshot shared his verdict about Treyarch’s decision to put SBMM in Black Ops: Cold War. Nadeshot strongly agrees with the Call of Duty community’s demand to withdraw SBMM from the game. He also mentioned how vital it is for Treyarch to remove a feature that has no benefit for players. Most importantly, Nadeshot wants a fair shot at assessing his skill level.

Previously, Skill-based Matchmaking turned away many potential customers from purchasing the final release of Black Ops: Cold War. Even now, SBMM makes it impossible for anyone to have a fun experience playing the game online. A considerable amount of players are entirely ditching the multiplayer portion of Black Ops: Cold War due to this reason alone.

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Multiple huge figures in the Call of Duty community also stood against SBMM in Black Ops: Cold War. SBMM surely has some upsides for dedicated players who want to compete in higher echelons of the Call of Duty League in the future. However, SBMM is a generally disliked feature among the majority of the players, and Nadeshot’s Tweet only reflects the long-standing fact.

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