$1.2 million was refused by the owner of a rare Nintendo Playstation console because it was considered insufficient

hybrid console

Nintendo and Playstation are big competitors when it comes to the home video game console. While it is hard to imagine today that these two companies can make something together, there was a time when these two giants of the industry collaborated together for a new hybrid console.

Super NES CD-ROM was one hell of an effort by these two companies to build the first hybrid console. In 1991 both Nintendo and PlayStation collaborated on this project together. Even though this console never released to the public it became more of an ultra-rare collector’s item.

Tierry Diebold is the lucky owner of this must-have hybrid console. He will sell it at an auction at Heritage Auctions. While many people have contacted him for this item, he refused because he thinks it can actually go for a lot more. In fact, he refused a deal of $1.2 million because he thinks it is insufficient for this type of item.

This type of ultra-rare collector’s item can go for a lot of money. Such is the nature of these types of console.

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